A platform for Content Creators shares exclusive content with their community, in exchange for monthly memberships.

Creators can also receive donations and charge for paid DMs, to purpose that as they want. On Memberse, Creators can own their audiences and create the content they love, and this is what we call a Community. On Memberse, the content can be divided into Playlists of Videos and/or Audio.

A membership is when someone pays a recurring fee, which can be monthly or annually, to be a member of a group created by an Institution, a Brand or a Content Creator. Members are usually retributed with access to activities, content, information, lessons, courses, products. On Memberse, we focus on helping Content Creators to offer memberships in exchange for content.

We want Creators and Members to use Memberse where and when they want. That’s why we focused our technology mainly on a mobile app, that runs both on iOS and Android. So we recommend you to download the app. However, you may also use it on the browser. There, you will get a large part of the same functionalities as you’d get on the app.

We charge a percentage of the creator’s income. We do not charge any extra fees, only the percentage. Our current percentage fee is 15%. Memberse only profit when Creators are profiting.

We use a payment system called Stripe. In order to use Stripe, both for making and receiving payments, you need to register with them and add a credit card and/or banking info. Don’t worry, it’s very simple and it takes less than 2 minutes. When you go to set up your Community’s price or when you try to become a Member of a Community, you will see the Stripe link. You’ll click it, create your account and that’s it! If you already have a Stripe account, it will just be a matter of logging in. And you’ll only have to do this once!

Creators that choose to charge for DMs will set a price for a time limit. Once a Member tries to send a DM, they will see the price and the time frame for how long that chat will last if they pay. Once the Member purchases the DM access, they can start chatting immediately. They can send texts, photos and videos through messages.

Reach out to [email protected] and we’ll help you out as fast as we can!


Download the app or access Memberse on your preference browser Then, create your account and you will be welcomed with a guide to walk you through the process of creating your Community. This won’t take more than a few minutes.

We are a platform for Videos and Audio (podcasts, music, etc). You may upload files in the following formats: MP3, MP4, MOV, WMV, WAV, M4A

Memberse supports files of up to 128 Gigabytes.

Texts can be of up to 1000 characters.

For more info, please see our technical guidelines.

To set up your Community’s price, you just go to “My Channel”..

If you’re unsure how much you should charge, here’s how we advise you to get to the right price. Please note, we don’t have tiers, you can only establish a single price for Members to have access to the whole Community.

Yes, but…be careful. You can change the price of your channel at any time, but your Members will need to become Members again of your channel. Why? Because your Member has agreed to a set price and has to re-agree to the new price.

A Follower is someone that is a part of your Community, but does not pay to have access to your content. You can leave free content for your Followers. While a Member is someone that pays to have access to every content that you post.

Well, you’ve probably posted some ads or tried to sell a course or a product, right? If so, it’s kind of the same thing. You need good communication, authenticity, and repetition. If you’re offering a Membership with exclusive content, is because you have something ELSE to offer to people. Make sure they understand that. Make sure they know what is this additional offering and why is worth it. Then, invite them to try and see your Community on Memberse for themselves. You ca start by sharing a link for browser access, instead of a direct app link, which for some people might be a hustle. Remembers, it’s a process. And what’s key in every process? Communication, authenticity, and repetition.


You are here to become a Member of a Community of a Content Creator that you like, so you can consume their exclusive content (videos and/or audio) and meet other like-minded Members.

Yes! With the Creator, you can DM them directly. These DMs may be paid. With other Members, you can discuss content with them in all the post’s comment section.

Nope. The Creator of the Community will set a price for its Membership. You pay that monthly price to access the Community and its content. You can cancel any time. You won’t be charged anything from Memberse. You may be charged for DMs, if the Creator wishes so. You can also leave a donation to the Creator, to give them extra support, but that’s entirely up to you.

No. When a creator decides to change the price of their Community, you will be removed from your membership in their Community, and receive a notification inviting you to become a Member again with the altered price. That way, you are always fully aware of how much you’re paying for your monthly membership.