Transform Your Followers Into Members And Create Your Community

We’re a membership-based platform for content creators to build their communities around videos and podcasts.

Bring your followers, we’ll help you turn them into a community in our creator-focused app.

The Future Of Content Creators Depends On Communities

The future for Content Creators is all about loyal members that value your content and care about you.
Depending on brands and algorithm behavior leads to uncertainty and burnout. Creators deserve best.

Scale Your Business

Monthly Memberships give the possibility of earning steadily, thus offering long-term predictable income.

Be Fully in Control

Reach 100% of your audience in every post. Take ownership of your public and stop paying rent to algorithms.

Increase Value

Create a multiple format universe with your content, offering paid DMs, donations and more.


“Having my community on Memberse helped me understand that, in the long run, it’s better to have quality people with me than quantity of followers. My community is a way to deepen my relationship with my audience.”



“To be able to finally monetize on what I’ve been doing for free, gives me willpower to keep focusing on this career path.”



“Memberse is the place to build my true community, without worrying about algorithms, brand deals, censorship.”



“I love to share my knowledge and experiences with all of the people that support me. That’s my community. With my community on Memberse, I can guide my members to improve their techniques , but also add value on their lives.”


Followers Will Want To Be Members

Watch Everywhere

Members can enjoy content wherever, whenever.

Feel Closer

Paid chats to have one-on-one time with your favorite creators.

No Bureaucracy

Easy payment, and automatic renewal.

Safe Space

Be part of a community of people who share similar interests.

No Ads

Hell, yes.

Are You Ready to Build Your Community?

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Memberse is being built by an international team, focused on designing a memorable solution driven by Creators and Members needs. We have our eyes on the future: building in Web2 as well as Web3. Wanna know more? Want to be part of the transformation of Content?